Alex Nero (b. March 26, 1986, Ukraine) is an American interdisciplinary artist living and working in New York City. His current body of work utilizes experimental techniques with chemistry and physical dynamics of paint within vessels of water, captured by digital photography. Nero’s imagery inspires a dialogue with the subconscious, allowing a unique experience through individual interpretation.  His work has reached millions and can be found in private and corporate collections throughout the world. 


In the shared universe we're making a kind of musical song, the lyrics being composed of, and by, tiny instruments of its own we call 'subatomic' waves and particles, always in that flux,  'performing', regardless of who's listening, attending their changeable performance...

So, in the same spirit of this kind of universal symphony I use other sorts of 'instruments' as my medium, like water, paint, mirrors, magnets and chemicals of different kinds, all 'composed' of universal subatomic energy (E), mass (m) & light (c), Einstein's symphony in 'U' flat .

I have learned from other fellow explorers of this fluid composition that our brains may act like antennae gathering such vibrating signals like our ears do with instrumental music, these signals themselves forming patterns for our senses, like ink-blots may do with and for our eyes....